At His Right Hand

At His Right Hand by Kirk Hunt

The Lord said to my Lord,
Sit at My right hand,
Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.”

Psalms 110:1 NKJV

God invites you to sit at His right hand, a place of dignity, confidence and safety. Your enemies eventually will serve you. Your concerns and issues will soon be part of your testimony about God’s provision and care.

All too often we take too much upon ourselves. The sovereign God of the universe commands us to rest while He works. The hard part, often, is waiting in quiet reliance on God.

While we sit, God is doing what we cannot. While we wait, He uses His power to do what we cannot under any circumstances. And at the end, we receive in peace and dignity what only His power delivers.

We are human and want control. We want it our way, now. Wait for God to give you more and better than you know or understand. Wait to receive blessings and benefits that no one will be able to take away from you.

Sit on the favored side of His throne. Wait while He delivers eternal pleasures. It will be the desire of your heart, that you did not know you wanted.

Think: At His right hand is everything I need and want, delivered by my adversaries.

Pray: “Lord, help me to be obedient and patient while You work for me.”

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And Swallowed Them

And Swallowed Them by Kirk Hunt

Now it came to pass, as he [Moses] finished speaking all these words, that the ground split apart under them [the rebels], and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, with their households and all the men with Korah, with all their goods.

Numbers 16:31-32 NKJV
Please read also Numbers 16:1-40

Korah’s rebellion against Moses had a deadly, clear-cut resolution. The dirt beneath the feet of the rebels and mutineers split open, swallowed them, then closed again. The mutineers, their family members, and even their possessions, disappeared in a moment. Please read Numbers 16:1-40 for the complete account.

Why did Korah rebel against Moses? At Jude 1:11, Korah’s rebellion is associated with other notorious sinners and their sins of greed: Cain the brother slayer; Balaam the spiritual sell-sword. Whatever his reasons, Korah, and 250 other men, were destroyed with their families. No one could deny their destruction as a clear move of God. Whatever their motivations, God judged their actions with harsh finality.

There was time between the start of the rebellion and their punishment by God. I believe there was time and opportunity (Numbers 16:16, 23-24) for Korah or his mutineers to repent and receive mercy. Instead of confessing error and sin, the rebels pushed ahead to God’s sovereign judgment.

Often, men and women get minutes, or hours, to confess before God and withdraw from their sin and rebellion. Too often, rebels push ahead to God’s final and very public judgment. In this pause, have you re-considered what you are doing?

Think: Father-God am I in Your will, or am I in rebellion?

Pray: “Lord, help me to be in Your Will and not in rebellion against You.”

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Like Mother Used To Make

Like Mother Used To Make by Kirk Hunt

Moreover his mother used to make him a little robe, and bring it to him year by year when she came up with her husband to offer the yearly sacrifice.

1 Samuel 2:19 NKJV

Samuel had been lent (read: surrendered) to God by his mother, Hannah.  Determined to honor her oath to God and still love her precious son, Hannah’s hands worked her loom.  Samuel could proudly speak of “just like Mother used to make,” then model a freshly made demonstration of mother love.

Consider that in 1065 BC that a robe (or coat) had to be hand-made.  Despite being the beloved wife of a wealthy, generous man, Hannah insisted on making for her son with her own hands.  Samuel grew up with physical proof that he had the tender love and affectionate attention of his mother. 

Maybe your son or daughter is physically distant or otherwise separated from you.  Like Hannah, you can chose to make sure your precious child has physical proof of your tender love and affectionate attention.  Maybe you cannot be there with them physically, but you can send evidence they are always in your mind and heart.

Samuel grew up physically distant from Hannah, but he never lacked for unescapable evidence of her love and care.  Who needs a care box from you?  Who needs proof that the miles mean nothing to your heart and mind?

Spend the time to make with your own hands.  Be sure to deliver the message that the distance does not impact your love and affection.  Your son or daughter may be surrendered to God, but that does not mean you cannot deliver some mother (or father) love anyway.

Think:      What a mother (or father) makes for a child is extra precious.

Pray:         “Lord, help me to prove my love to Your children, no matter how far away they are.”


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The Power Of Consistency


The Power Of Consistency By Kirk Hunt


He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.

Luke 16:10 NKJV


The card said simply:  “Thank you for your 171 donations!”  It has taken 5 years of consistency to deliver that many units (pints) of platelets.  I am humbled that God would grace me to do so much, and for so long, for His Kingdom.


I have been able to share my good health 171 times.  171 times I have been able to minister, not just to a seriously ill patient, but to all of the kin and kith looking on.  171 times I have answered God’s calling on my life for a man, woman or child (except one) I will never meet.


What should you be doing consistently?  How many men, women or children will be blessed if you press toward the goal?  You have a calling that will build the Kingdom of God, here and now.  Have you answered your calling?


I could never give 21 gallons of blood products at one time.  I cannot give platelets as quickly and easily as other men and women.  Still, I do what I can.  And what I give is not trivial.  Especially to those who receive the gift that I pass on from God.


Follow your calling.  Faithfully pass on the gift that God has given you.  There is power in your consistency.


Think:                Consistency has more impact and blessing than I think or know. 


Pray:                   “Lord, help me to consistently live my life in You.”



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Free To Pray


Free To Pray By Kirk Hunt


‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV


Jeremiah sat in the prison courtyard, jailed for speaking God’s Word to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. He may have been locked down, but Jeremiah was still free to pray. Speaking with God is always a good use of your time.


Too often, we forget to sit and talk with God. We rush from appointment, to event, to activity, without pause. Families, day jobs, or church work crowd out time with the God-who-provides. When we lay awake, too upset or anxious to sleep, we often miss the opportunity to pray.


Prayer takes time and intent. Speaking with God is an expression of love, but also an act of discipline. Prayer does not happen by accident, even when it happens in desperation.


Prayer should be a Christian man or woman’s main source of spiritual strength, Godly wisdom, and supernatural calm. Spiritual power is no accident. A deep and rich relationship with God is available to any woman or man who cares to spend time speaking with Father-God.


God calls to you. Right where you are. Just as you are. Will you not you stop and answer Him?


God may take you farther, and faster, than you want to go. He may sit you down longer and more quietly than you like. In either case, He will speak wonders in your ears and majesties in your heart. Your soul will be awestruck, and satisfied, by your time with Him.


Think:             Have a conversation with God.


Pray:               “Father-God, here I am. Speak with Your child.”



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