No Eyes, Clear Sight

No Eyes, Clear Sight By Kirk Hunt

Then the Philistines took him and put out his eyes, and brought him down to Gaza. They bound him with bronze fetters, and he became a grinder in the prison.

Judges 16:21 NKJV

The mill stones crushing the grain would have made a low, steady growl in Samson’s ears.  In weather hot and dry, or cold and wet, Samson did the work of a horse.  Or mule.  Or ass.

Either in haunting silence or with a chorus of tormentors, Samson walked his circle in darkness.  The man who had once burned Philistine grain fields now made flour for them.  I am certain the irony was not lost on Samson or his Philistine captors.

Do not be angry at the Philistines: Samson’s life had been shrouded in darkness for years.  Samson’s lust, willfulness and disobedience had long since blinded him to God’s truth and call.  The Philistines, heathen foreigners, should have been guided to God by Samson.  Instead, Samson’s lack of spiritual vision became his lack of literal vision. 

Blinded and in prison, Samson finally saw the light.  Chained to a millstone, he was free to spend time with God.  Despite all he did wrong, Samson still remembered the correct way to love God.

God had not abandoned Samson.  When Samson finally figured out his own errors, God was there.  Arms open.  Restoration was just a prayer away.

Samson is named as a hero of faith in Hebrews 11.  Despite his mistakes and errors, he returned to God.  God always faithfully restores the truly repentant.  No matter how dark it seems, you are not alone.  God is waiting, arms open, to restore you.

Think:       God is faithful and constant, even if I am not.

Pray:         “Lord, forgive me.  Lord, restore me.”


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Remembrance Of Chains

Remembrance Of Chains By Kirk Hunt

Now it happened after these things that the son of the woman who owned the house became sick. And his sickness was so serious that there was no breath left in him.   So she said to Elijah, “What have I to do with you, O man of God? Have you come to me to bring my sin to remembrance, and to kill my son?”

1 Kings 17:17-18 NKJV
Please read 1 Kings 17:14-18


Keening in grief, she rocked her son’s cold, limp body in her arms.  It turns out even a poor widow a precious valuable to lose.  Her heart was dominated by remembrance of past sin.


When Elijah entered the room, she immediately questioned the great prophet.  Do you wonder about her tone?  Bitter?  Heartbroken?  Angry?  All of the above?


Of all the emotions that surged through her heart and mind, guilt pushed to the front.  “Are you here to remind me about my sin?”  Her son’s life was a price for her past transgression(s).


You should remember from time-to-time.  What chains of sin or circumstance used to weigh down your soul?  How did God save you?


It is too easy to forget.  Human memory does not always remember God’s past salvation during a new crisis.  If He brought you through then, He will bring you through now.


God restored her and the boy, even when giving up seemed the only response.  The crisis called for more faith, not panic.  God specializes in hopeless cases and unbreakable chains.


No matter what you were then or now, He would love to break your chains today.  Are you willing to offer your situation to Him?  Can you trust Him, for the first time, or one more time?


Think:        God will not abandon me now.

Pray:           “Lord, help me remember all that You have done, and will do, for me.”


Copyright © April 2017, Kirk Hunt


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The King’s Purpose

The King’s Purpose By Kirk Hunt

“Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.”

Matthew 1:23 NKJV

Mankind, through Adam, had caused the separation from God.  As any loving Father would, God made a way to mend the breech.  “God with us,” is both purpose and outcome.

Jesus willingly gave up the eternity and splendor of heaven to walk among us.  Not just for proximity but to give man back what had been lost.  Jesus restored direct access to, fellowship with, God.

Because of Jesus’ sacrifices, we can once against speak directly with God.  Because of His dedication to God’s purpose, we have been restored as God’s sons and daughters.  Jesus has restored walking with God in the garden.

Perhaps your garden is soft and grassy.  It could be that your garden is hard and rocky.  What is important is that you know you have a garden, and that God walks there with you.

We work, live and play in the garden where God has placed us.  Consider this Christmas that God with us is truer now, than it has ever been.  He came and restored the connection.  Now He calls to you, “Come walk with Me.”

You are part of His plan and strategy.  No matter how much you have surprised others, He saw everything about you, long ago.  Take time this season to simply walk with Him.  He has a purpose He wants to reveal you.

Think:        God’s purpose is to walk with me.  Do I walk with Him?

Pray:           “Lord, as I build Your Kingdom, help me to enjoy walking with You.”


Copyright © December 2016, Kirk Hunt

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Be The Strong One

Be The Strong One By Kirk Hunt


We then who are strong ought to bear with the scruples of the weak, and not to please ourselves.

Romans 15:1 NKJV


Now is the time to be strong.  Be strong enough to survive injustice.  Be strong enough to overcome fear.  Most of all, be strong enough to help others.


Often, our best ministry comes when we are most under pressure.  We are God’s best ambassadors when we stand after hurt and loss, then reach out to those who oppose us the most.  It is not enough to turn the other cheek.  You must also carry the burden (Matthew 5:38-42).


My heart has been torn by recent events.  Anguish and fear are not a help.  I have turned to God’s strength and grace.  They are the tools that bring reconciliation and restoration.


Strength is not a clenched fist.  Strength is found in skillful hands that bind wounds and uphold the weak.  An avenging spirit is not strength.  Strength is found in hearts and minds that pierce the chaos with wisdom and justice.


All Christians should be eager to respond with the strength they get from God.  Strength that refuses to hate.  Power that acts through wisdom and justice.  Might that overcomes fear and injury.


The solutions to today’s problems are neither quick nor easy.  The solutions to the issues we face require strength and fortitude to work through the chaos to God’s peace.  God calls you to take His strength, then serve others with wisdom and justice.


Think:                Strength is not a fist of vengeance.  Real strength chooses wisdom and justice.


Pray:                   “Lord, help me to minister to others with Your strength.”


Copyright © July 2016, Kirk Hunt


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The Burden In His Heart

The Burden In His Heart By Kirk Hunt


Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2 NKJV


It was 1990-ish and I sat alone in a room of white men and told the story from my heart.  “White cops do not stop to help black men.”  I was there to learn about how to minister.  Instead, I discovered a burden in my heart I did not know I had.  A hurt I would have otherwise kept hidden.


My Christian brothers listened carefully to a viewpoint they did not expect to hear.  They could not reject my story without rejecting me.  So, for a little while, they helped me bear my burden.  Their obedience to Jesus helped begin healing an infection that could have disqualified me from ministry.


I did learn a lesson about ministering to men and women during that day.  Whatever you think, a man’s experience is his experience.  He is correct about what he felt.  You may not understand or agree, but you cannot reject the story that comes from his heart without rejecting him.  And it may be appropriate for your heart to ache with him.


I struggle when men and women tell me hard, painful stories about their earthly fathers.  My memory of Poppa Hunt remains my most valuable possession.  Still, I believe the story they share from their heart.  I then lead that hurting soul to Jesus, our Healer.


In the coming days and weeks, God’s people will be ministers of healing, reconciliation and restoration.  It starts with a willingness to accept the heart the story comes from.  Then lead them humbly and graciously to Jesus.  Bear their burden, for a while, so that healing can begin.


Think:                Reconciliation and healing begin by bearing someone’s burden.


Pray:                   “Lord, help me to bear someone’s burden, as Your instrument of healing.”


Copyright © July 2016, Kirk Hunt


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Healing Instruments

Healing Instruments By Kirk Hunt


if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 NKJV


I am horrified.  Each black man could have been a nephew, cousin, brother or one of my precious sons.  Each policeman could have been a nephew, cousin or one of my Gospel brothers.  “God where is Your healing?”


There is pain and outrage as the carnage continues.  There is fear, anger and despair as the body counts climb.  The cycle of violence can only be broken through reconciliation and restoration. 


Clearly, America needs healing.  God’s power is the only source powerful enough to cleanse the infection and mend the wounds.  Consider this: He will use His people to do the work. 


The image is not of held hands and gentle songs.  The picture is of the hard, painful labor of self-examination and repentance.  There will be the hard, sweaty work of choosing a different, better way.  After that, there will be grueling practice until righteousness becomes an engrained response.  And through it all, we will have to start trusting each other. 


God is our source, but we are the instruments.  It will take everyday men and women, just like you, to reach out to others in grace and humility.  Consider someone else’s heart and mind, first and last.  Do the hard things that end the violence and fear.


There may be hot tears and harsh words.  That is okay.  Healing will begin after the infection is cleared and the wounds begin to close.


Think:                I am God’s instrument of reconciliation and healing.


Pray:                   “Lord, we seek Your face.  Heal our land.”



Copyright © July 2016, Kirk Hunt


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Rest In His Presence


Rest In His Presence” By Kirk Hunt


And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Exodus 33:14 NKJV


It has been a long year. Take a moment to sit here and receive His restoration. Pause in His presence, and accept His rest.


There is a comforting space in His arms, just for you. He wants to speak special encouragement to your soul. He longs to speak the love of His heart, directly to yours.


Too many of God’s people engage in non-stop frenzy. Rush here. Speed there. If there is time to breathe than you are idle, if not lazy.


Playing through the rest notation in sheet music ruins the song. Playing a sport without proper rest exposes the player or team to mistakes in play and injury in their bodies. Champions rest.


Rest allows restoration. A pause allows thoughtful consideration of past results. Insightful and innovative strategies grow from deliberate stops in the action.


His presence is a pleasant place. Yes, there may be correction or conviction. Still, there will be affection and care beyond your highest expectations. Your Father calls to you. Let Him love you for a while.


Spend your money on a quiet, restful, place and space. Let the God of Heaven restore and replenish you. There will be time later for hurly–burly. Make time now for the warmth and caring that only He can give.


Think:                God’s presence empowers His men and women through rest and restoration.


Pray:                   “Lord, let me pause here, in Your presence, and receive Your restoration.”



Copyright © December 2015, Kirk Hunt

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When Monsters Witness


When Monsters Witness By Kirk Hunt


And he departed and began to proclaim in Decapolis all that Jesus had done for him; and all marveled.

Mark 5:20 NKJV


Jesus paused before getting in the boat. “Go home and be a witness,” He instructed the man he had just saved. Messiah then left the monster where He found him, but not as he found him.


Some folk recognized the formerly possessed man from across the street. Some only realized it was the same man after speaking with him for a while. All understood the complete change that had happened in his life.


Your witness is important. Only you can tell your story correctly. The evidence of your life cannot be denied.


You do not need to embellish or exaggerate. Just tell the straight story. Especially the part where God intervened in your life.


He-who-was-a-monster did not need to embellish or exaggerate. His calm, steady eyes told a story of healing and restoration. His rational, peaceful manner spoke loudly of supernatural power and grace.


Compassion from heaven fell on a man everyone else had written off. Power from God had healed and restored a lost cause. All he had to do was testify in short, simple words.


You have an account of what God has done for you. Be a witness. Just tell the truth.


Think:             Who better than you can tell your story of God’s power?


Pray:               “Father-God, help me tell the story of Your power in my life.”



Copyright © July 2015, Kirk Hunt

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When Monsters Come Home


When Monsters Come Home By Kirk Hunt


“Return to your own house, and tell what great things God has done for you.” And he went his way and proclaimed throughout the whole city what great things Jesus had done for him.

Luke 8:39 NKJV
Read also Luke 8: 26-39


Not too many minutes ago, he was a monster. Now the soul behind the calm eyes is only intense about serving Jesus. Still, Messiah sends His new convert away. “Go home and tell them how God has blessed you.”


For most of us, “home” is a place of joy, comfort and security. What happens when you return home from the deepest and darkest places the enemy has to offer? Are you happy to return where you started? Are they happy for the recovered soul or leery of the returning monster?


More souls than the monster need healing. Those who dwell near, or in, the (former) monster’s lair need reconciliation and restoration. The folks at home need to hear the story of how God’s power can heal anyone. And how specifically God healed the monster they know best.


The former monster walked through the town and was recognized by everyone. He stood before the door in borrowed clothes and called out to the first of his victims. And once again, he had an improbable story to tell.


This time, he could be calm and collected. This time, only the voices of kith and kin whispered in his ears. This time, only the power of God controlled his actions.


Think:             Who better than the restored can tell the story of the power of God?


Pray:               “Father-God, Your power is supreme in reconciliation and restoration.”



Copyright © July 2015, Kirk Hunt

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When Monsters Confront You


When Monsters Confront You By Kirk Hunt


And when He stepped out on the land, there met Him a certain man from the city who had demons for a long time. And he wore no clothes, nor did he live in a house but in the tombs.

Luke 8:27 NKJV
Read also Luke 8: 26-39


Naked, encrusted in dirt if not filth, the monster came out to confront Jesus as he stepped of the boat. Of course, the monster had once been someone’s son, or brother, or husband, or father. That beloved soul is not visible in those crazed eyes.


Demon possession is not some fiction that exists only at the movie theatre. There are other dangers that transform men and women into monsters. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other addictions can transform the best of us into the worst of us.


Jesus, of course, undid the monster that confronted Him. After He cast the demon cast out, only the man remained. In those calmed eyes, the beloved soul could once again be seen.


You may know someone in the grip of possession. You may not recognize the soul who looks back at you from the mirror. Be it an addiction, or true spiritual possession, God’s power is the answer.


There are Godly men and women who stand ready to help. There are organizations such as Teen Challenge who assist those who want freedom and deliverance. Trust God and His power to recover any soul.


Think:             Addictions and other possessions are subject to the power of God.


Pray:               “Father-God, Your power is supreme, no matter what interferes in our lives.”



Copyright © July 2015, Kirk Hunt

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Go To Him


Go To Him By Kirk Hunt


Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28 NKJV


This simple and absolute promise seems too easy.  Show up where Jesus is and I get relief?  That’s it? 


We keep thinking there’s a catch.  There must be more to it than that.  Sometimes, we re-read the verse looking for all of the missing clauses and conditions.  Somebody must have left something out.


You probably need His rest more than you know.  Ask around.  Listen graciously.


I must confess there is usually a big obstacle.  I knew it.  You have to be obedient and present yourself to Him.  Me?


He loves you.  Just the way you are.  He’s asking for you.  Go to Him.


Rest is different from release.  The weight in your pack will remain the same.  What will change is your ability to carry the load.  Your attitude and spirit will become transformed.


Christian men and women work hard.  Often, harder than unbelievers, yet we live under the same conditions as the unredeemed.  The difference is our response.  We reply through His grace and in His joy.


Maybe you are doing too much.  It could be you are pursuing the wrong goal.  Perhaps you have the wrong attitude about the entire affair.  Go to Him.


His Love reaches out to you.  His Joy will restore you.  His Presence will give you rest, heavy pack and all.


Think:             He promises me rest.  I should take Him up on His promise.


Pray:               “Father-God, help me to rest in You, per Your promises.”



Copyright © May 2015, Kirk Hunt

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He Restores You


He Restores You By Kirk Hunt


So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,

The crawling locust,

The consuming locust,

And the chewing locust,

My great army which I sent among you.


Joel 2:25 NKJV


You insisted on following your own lead. The consequences of your decisions, spiritually and naturally, seem more than you can bear. Desperately, you look for a way to restore what was lost.


The people of ancient Israel had invited God out of their lives. When the plague of locusts came, the people faced the onslaught without God’s provision or protection. The insect army devastated the land, and battered the people.


Repentance is the first step to restoration. The prophet Joel called on Israel to “tear your hearts, not your garments,” as a sign of grief and regret. As always, when we turn to God with sincere hearts, He listens.


God promised to make up the “eaten years” to His repentant people. There would be full barns, and hearts, if the people would return to God. God promised to pour out His Mercy and Grace, in place of His Justice and Judgment.


There will be hard work. First, you will labor at the altar when you return to Him. Than you will work at your day-to-day labors, under God’s Blessing. Working in His Plan is always better than the alternative.


The poor decisions of yesterday need not be the end of your story. You can return to God today. He promises a tomorrow of blessing and provision for hearts that seek Him in true repentance.


Think:            God loves me and will provide if I repent.


Pray:               “Lord, forgive me. Restore me in Your Grace.”



Copyright © September 2014, Kirk Hunt

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