After Admonition

After Admonition By Kirk Hunt

Reject a divisive man after the first and second admonition,   knowing that such a person is warped and sinning, being self-condemned.

Titus 3:10-11 NKJV

Admonition can be defined as authoritative counsel or warning.  Nathan’s confrontation of David (2 Samuel 12:1-15) is a definitive example of how to correct even a powerful leader.  Just as important, even the powerful should respond correctly to truth-speakers.  Paul, speaking to Titus, plainly states there are limits to the effort to help men and women who are in error.

David’s Israel was wealthy and militarily powerful.  Still, Nathan appeared in David’s throne room and rebuked him for his sin and error.  Success or good performance in one area of your life is not an excuse for sin anywhere in your life.

David, thankfully, had the wisdom and imperfect righteousness enough to respond with confession and repentance.  No one is so perfectly righteous, or extraordinarily wise, that they never need authoritative counsel or warning.  With all of his power and authority, King David meekly and obediently accepted Nathan’s rebuke.  David then patiently endured his (painful) process of repentance and restoration.

Christian men and women do not give up on someone the first (or second) time it gets hard.  On the other hand, Jesus Himself said, “Go and sin no more.”  Grace is not a “continue to sin” card.

Titus, on Crete, led folk who tended to go their own way, instead of following God’s path.  Paul the Apostle provided clear instructions on how to handle divisive men and women.  Sooner or later you will give the rebukes, or take the rebukes.  How will you act in that day?

Think:        After being admonished, do I, or others, sincerely seek to make a change?

Pray:           “Lord, help me accept admonishment as one of Your righteous men or women.”


Copyright © August 2017, Kirk Hunt

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