Peace In Your City

Peace In Your City By Kirk Hunt


And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace.

 Jeremiah 29:7 NKJV


How is the peace in your city? Is the place where you live quiet and tranquil like Mayberry? Or is your town a lot rougher around the edges?


Jeremiah was talking to the nation of Judah. Captive in Babylon, God’s people wanted freedom. Instead they received instructions from God to benefit their conquerors.


I pray your circumstances are much different, and exactly the same. God has set you where you are, to bring His Kingdom to that place. Not just through faithful prayer, but also through faith-fueled work.


Your “city” may be a municipality, but it could also be a workplace. Your neighborhood is a city that could use some peace. I suspect your (extended) family would cheerfully take all the peace you can bring inside its borders.


If your current place and space is not your natural culture, you will have to pray hard and work tirelessly. The more hostile the inhabitants, the more you will have to love then pray. God intends for you to be the change agent that place needs.


Your job is to transform everything around you. Pour His grace, power and light into your city until you have completely won it over. In doing so, His grace, power and light will benefit you in ways you have not dreamed.


Think:            God has assigned me to bring peace to my city.


Pray:               “Lord, help me to bring peace to my city.”



Copyright © May 2014, Kirk Hunt

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