We all eventually need encouragement.

In The Woods

In the Woods By Kirk Hunt

Then Jonathan, Saul’s son, arose and went to David in the woods and strengthened his hand in God.

1 Samuel 23:16 NKJV

Jonathan, the Crown Prince of Israel snuck out a side door and traveled across the miles.  There, in the woods, he found the outlaw the King wanted dead.  Knowing his own father wanted this criminal executed; Jonathan embraced his friend and strengthened David’s Godly faith and hope.

Maybe you are the man everyone turns to for strength.  Perhaps you are the woman others rely on for courage.  No matter your standing or track record, you will eventually need encouragement “in the woods.”

Unjustly a fugitive, and hunted for his very life, David fled alone into the wilderness.  At first only castoffs, deadbeats and losers came to him, looking for a handout.  Despite his successes in turning those men into champions, David needed encouragement in the wilderness of Ziph.  Thankfully for him, and eventually us, Jonathan strengthened his hand in God.

Real men and women have limits.  You can only be so strong, so long, for others.  Sooner, or later, you need someone to come to a lonely, isolated place and pour at least a little help and encouragement on you.

Before David sat the throne he walked (or ran) the woods.  Before he became an ancestor of Christ, David’s soul cried out for an encouraging word and a moment of reassurance.   Jonathan appeared at a dark and cold moment in David’s life and brought light and warmth.

In your woods, let them come.  Accept the blessing they bring.  God is answering your need.

Think:        God will provide encouragement and reassurance in my difficult places.

Pray:           “Lord, I accept the encouragement and blessing You send.”


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