Live Secure

“Live Secure” by Kirk Hunt


Though he [God] slay me, yet will I hope in him; I will surely defend my ways to his face.

Job13:15 (NIV)


Job’s painful sores and boils did not trigger his anger. Grief over his dead children did not provoke Job’s outburst. Job’s explosion in the 13th chapter is a reaction to an accusation. Job’s “friends” accused him of secret, deliberate sin.


Despite all of Job’s pain and losses, the slander hurt Job most. Job responded in anger and indignation against the idea he willfully sinned against God. Secure in his life and relationship with God, Job made one of the boldest statements in Scripture.


Job’s faith in God, even at this incredible low spot in his life, had not been shaken. Job could not see the rhyme or reason of his circumstances, but he would continue to trust God. Even if that meant facing his own death. Even if he had to account for himself before God’s judgment seat.


Job lived secure. Secure in his faith. Secure in his life.


How secure are you? Are you certain of your faith? Is your lifestyle above reproach?


Can you shake off accusations and indictments? Are you willing to face God’s judgment here and now? If not, it is time to fortify your life and soul.


Think: Integrity leads to security in your own life and before God.


Pray: “Father-God, help me to seek Your holiness and live securely in You.”



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