Being A Brother Or Sister

Being A Brother Or Sister By Kirk Hunt

A friend loves at all times,
And a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17 NKJV

Too often folks use the labels “brother” or “sister” loosely.  To me, it is a very serious commitment.  You should be prepared to shoulder any adversity, hardship or risk for a real brother or sister.  That is what Scripture commands.


My friend called from two counties over.  I had to borrow a truck.  I paid a lot for gasoline.  He needed me.  Of course I was going to help him.


Do you stand with your kindred during difficulties and storms?  Do you go the extra mile to help or comfort your kith and kin?  Supporting from the living room couch is easy.  Supporting in the stinging rain and lashing wind is more difficult.


Real love is a choice.  Too often, that choice involves inconvenience, difficulty and sacrifice.  Are you ready to bring it where it is needed?  Being involved is not always enough.  Real love requires real commitment. 


Real commitment acts, despite the difficulties and obstacles.  Faithful men and women love enough to run in when everyone else is walking out.  Closeness matters most when the tears are falling and the hearts are breaking.


I pray you are the stand-up brother or sister that someone else can rely on.  Sooner or later, everyone needs the help and ministry of a brother/sister born for adversity.  You were born to help.


Think:        God does not always send angels.  Sometimes, He sends me.


Pray:           “Lord, help me be a real friend and a true brother or sister in Christ.”


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Born For Adversity

Born For Adversity By Kirk Hunt

A friend loves at all times,
And a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17 NKJV

I have complained that my siblings do not gather well.  A breakfast or lunch for the pleasure of their company is a labored exercise in logistics and scheduling.  On the other hand, they appear instantly if there is trouble or adversity.

I pray your life consists of smooth waters and gentle breezes.  I would prefer you never need help or assistance.  More likely, you know that even God’s favorites can experience raging storms and violent winds.

It is when adversity batters you hardest that true friends and faithful brothers are revealed.  You may have to pick up the phone and ask for their support.  Their response may start with an awkward silence.  Perhaps their response will begin with hesitant stuttering.

You will know before the end.  The fair-weather posers will disappear.  Your real kith and kin will be revealed, standing at your side.  Those who refuse to leave until they know you are okay are the best of the lot.

God does not always send angels.  Sometimes He sends folks you did not know were watching or cared.  Not even the pelting rain and howling winds of the worst circumstances can drive off true friends or faithful family.

Be certain that God has appointed men and women, boys and girls, to love you in sincerity and faithfulness.  They will not abandon you in adversity.  In the choice between the pleasant lunch or the difficult lurch, I’m certain you know when it is best that they show up. 

Think:        God has surrounded me with true friends and faithful family.

Pray:           “Lord, if You do not send angels, please send true friends and faithful family.”


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Spirit of Faithfulness

Spirit of Faithfulness By Kirk Hunt

“But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.”

Luke 22:32 NKJV


In the hours before His crucifixion, Jesus carefully strengthened His Disciples.  Especially Peter.  Before dawn, Peter would deny any knowledge of Jesus.  Knowing he would fail the first test, Jesus knew Peter’s faithfulness would pass the final test.


Faithfulness can be defined as the act of remaining true to your word or promise.  Traditionally, Peter was also crucified, because he would not deny Jesus a second time.  We remember Peter as Jesus’ man because he kept his word.


Too often we expect perfect, error-free living from God’s people.  Too often we throw away perfectly good souls because it turns out they were human.  Peter is a prime example of a man who refused to be less-then again. 


Peter did not keep his word the first time.  Still he died a martyr for the man he once denied.  That is faithfulness, even if it is human.


Faithfulness sees the task and acts.  Despite the risks.  Without any credit.  Silently, in the background.


Perhaps there is a task that you should be doing.  There could be a responsibility you need to take on, knowing there is no return on investment but a lot of risk.  Flinch if you have to, but give your word.  Be the man or woman who gives and keeps promises.


Think:        Faithfulness is the power to give and keep your word or promise.


Pray:           “Lord, help me to be faithful for Your Kingdom.”


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The Power Of Consistency


The Power Of Consistency By Kirk Hunt


He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.

Luke 16:10 NKJV


The card said simply:  “Thank you for your 171 donations!”  It has taken 5 years of consistency to deliver that many units (pints) of platelets.  I am humbled that God would grace me to do so much, and for so long, for His Kingdom.


I have been able to share my good health 171 times.  171 times I have been able to minister, not just to a seriously ill patient, but to all of the kin and kith looking on.  171 times I have answered God’s calling on my life for a man, woman or child (except one) I will never meet.


What should you be doing consistently?  How many men, women or children will be blessed if you press toward the goal?  You have a calling that will build the Kingdom of God, here and now.  Have you answered your calling?


I could never give 21 gallons of blood products at one time.  I cannot give platelets as quickly and easily as other men and women.  Still, I do what I can.  And what I give is not trivial.  Especially to those who receive the gift that I pass on from God.


Follow your calling.  Faithfully pass on the gift that God has given you.  There is power in your consistency.


Think:                Consistency has more impact and blessing than I think or know. 


Pray:                   “Lord, help me to consistently live my life in You.”



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Fresh Mercy, New Faithfulness


Fresh Mercy, New Faithfulness” By Kirk Hunt


Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23 NKJV


Good morning. Welcome to a new year. Also, welcome to a fresh edition of God’s mercy.


Perhaps last year was not your best. Even if you feel convicted, you are not condemned. Take a generous portion of His mercy and begin again.


You may have done well last year. Praise God for your faithfulness. Still, you cannot rest on past accomplishments. Move, in His mercy, to your next assignment and task.


His compassion for His people never runs out. He understands our weak spots. Our quirks are not a surprise to Him. He only asks that we faithfully share His compassion and mercy with others.


This New Year is an occasion to begin again, or correct course. Faithfully, God has given us a fresh opportunity to work in His Kingdom. Use this choice benefit to its fullest.


Learn, of course, from past errors but otherwise put all your effort into future work. God has preserved and protected you. Not just for your sake, but for those you will bless and benefit.


The dawn signals a new day. The New Year is more than the passage of time. It is an opportunity to be blessed and bless others.


Think:                New mercy and fresh compassion allow God’s people to work and bless others.


Pray:                   “Lord, help me to share Your mercy and compassion with others.”



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Apprentice And Master


Apprentice And Master By Kirk Hunt


And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

2 Timothy 2:2 NKJV


It looks odd to see a little boy flailing away on the drums, next to his father, during worship. It is not really a homey scene of father-son bonding. It is very much the serious business of a master craftsman teaching his apprentice.


I had the privilege of listening to man and boy practice. The youngster is playing complex yet lyrical percussion music. I am certain his father is proud of his accomplishments. Dad should also be proud of how well he has mentored and taught his young apprentice.


The saints of God’s Kingdom should be a skillful folk. We should have clever abilities and impressive capabilities that are the envy of the secular world. Of course, that will require faithful men and women who learn readily and teach freely.


I pray there is an apprentice in your life. Perhaps you do not think much of your skills. Someone else does and wants to learn from you.


Of course, you should be open to learning yourself. It is not just possible but likely that you are both skillful teacher and apt learner at the same time. Apostle Paul did not hesitate to be taught, and then teach in turn. Neither should you.


Think:             Either I am a teaching skills as a craftsman or learning skills as an apprentice.


Pray:               “Lord, help me to teach and learn while building Your Kingdom.”



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Are You Faithful?


Are You Faithful? By Kirk Hunt


Not so with My servant Moses; He is faithful in all My house.

Numbers 12:7 NKJV


Aaron and Miriam received the direct attention of God. His Shekinah glory cloud stood in the door of the Tabernacle and spoke with them about their brother’s faithfulness. Moses, the servant of God, was commended for his faithfulness.


Moses’ force of personality did not carry the day. His skills and abilities are not what God recognized. Moses was commended for his determination to be a man of God, carrying out God’s commands.


Moses’ siblings had started the fight. “We have skills.” “We have talents.” “We did not marry a foreigner.” God, in his sovereign omnipotence, settled the fight: “Faithfulness is what I value.”


Skills and talents are nice and good, but that is not what pleases God. Like any loving father, He is delighted when His sons and daughters are busy working at their assignments with diligence and sincerity.


Do not make it complicated. Build your skills and talents if you can. Work skillfully and cleverly, whenever possible. Remember that faithfulness is what pleases God most.


He seeks after hearts that seek Him. He is most honored by men and women, His sons and daughters, who use all they have for his purposes. You can choose to be the servant of God. Just be faithful.


Think:             God honors my faithfulness, no matter what others see or do not see.


Pray:               “Lord, help me to be faithful, first and foremost, to You.”



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“I Make Myself Known”


‘I Make Myself Known’ By Kirk Hunt


Then He said, “Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord, make Myself known to him in a vision; I speak to him in a dream.

Numbers 12:6 NKJV


Moses and God had face-to-Shekinah conversations. Moses had no means of compelling God to reveal Himself to a mere mortal. God chose to make Himself known to Moses.


Revelation and illumination are not common, but they are not reserved for an elite few. Hard work and dedication can get you some of the way there. In the end, God chooses.


Verse 7 records God saying, “My servant Moses; He is faithful in all My house.” Faithfulness is a choice made by mere men and women who want to draw closer to God. No one, except you, can interfere with how well, or badly, you live before God.


The deeper things of God are not revealed through some secret formula or elite ritual. The candidate pool is drawn from ordinary men and women who seek Him out of simple love and unfeigned devotion. Robes and secret handshakes are far more hindrance than help in finding Him.


Do not make it harder or more complicated than needed. He chooses who to envelop with His glory-cloud. Let your quiet faithfulness and absolute sincerity testify for you before His throne.


Think:             Faithful men and women tend to be chosen by God for deeper revelation.


Pray:              “Father-God, I thank You for the revelation of Your Word and Spirit.”


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Adullam’s Champions


Adullam’s Champions by Kirk Hunt


And David longed, and said, Oh that one would give me drink of the water of the well of Bethlehem, which is by the gate! And the three mighty men brake through the host of the Philistines, and drew water out of the well of Bethlehem, that was by the gate, and took it, and brought it to David:

2 Samuel 23:15–16 KJV

Please also read 2 Samuel 23:8–17


Adino, Eleazar and Shammah.  The elite three among David’s forces.  The kind of men to go deep behind enemy lines to get a canteen of water.


These are not the same men recruited at Adullam.  They are no longer deadbeats, losers or whiners.  David’s moment of nostalgia and homesickness becomes a chance to display their strength.  And encourage the heart and spirit of their chosen leader.


Did these men spring out of the earth, champions?  Scripture does not record that scene.  Instead, Scripture records their act of selflessness and encouragement.


God intends for you to become a champion.  Where you start is less important than following His plan for your life.  Your service in His Kingdom is the primary tool to change you.  For the better.


Perhaps you already are a champion.  Have you engaged in a heroic effort, just to encourage someone?  Only a champion would unobtrusively schedule a perilous victory for someone else’s benefit.


God’s Kingdom is full of opportunities, big and small.  To encourage, bless and build up others in Christ.  His intends for you to be a champion.  Go do your faith hero stuff.


Think:            Men and women are made champions in God’s service.


Pray:              “Lord, help me to become the champion You intend.”



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Adullam’s Recruits


Adullam’s Recruits by Kirk Hunt


And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he became a captain over them: and there were with him about four hundred men.

I Samuel 22:2 KJV


David fled to the cave of Adullam, hunted and hated by King Saul.  There, alone and in need of support, David received his recruits.  Oh, joy.


There were not the best and the brightest.  They were not even the middling and muted.  The cast-offs of society made their way to David.  Oh, boy.


Scripture says they were in distress, or in debt or discontented.  I call them the losers, the deadbeats and the whiners.  Not the usual starting blocks of an elite fighting unit.  Oh, man.


Thankfully, the sentence does not end there.  At least they brought themselves.  That hints that they were willing to invest themselves in something.  By coming to and staying at Adullam, they changed.  Oh, well.


Davis became their captain.  Clearly, these undesirable men were willing to accept leadership.  Often, a teachable heart alone can help a man advance from where ever he started.  Oh, great.


Adullam’s recruits represent the men and women who come to support you in your calling.  They are unfinished and often undesirable, but with God’s help they can become champions.  Oh, okay.


Think:            Men and women finish champions in God’s service, no matter how they start.


Pray:              “Lord, help me to see Your finished work in my brothers and sisters.”



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Leaders Work Too


Leaders Work Too by Kirk Hunt


And next unto them the Tekoites repaired; but their nobles put not their necks to the work of their Lord.

Nehemiah 3:5 KJV

The men of Tekoa showed up and worked.  They lived a full day’s travel away from Jerusalem, but they understood the importance of walls around the Capitol city and the Temple.  They brought materials, tools and most importantly, themselves.


Still, the men of Tekoa lacked something: Official Leadership.  Obviously, someone worked out all of the logistics and details.  Real men, with a heart for God and the nation, but not the official leaders of Tekoa.


The regular men of Tekoa did what needed to be done.  The common citizens worked long hours in the hot, Mediterranean sun.  The common folk shared the risks of enemy attack and shared defense.


The wealthy and well-dressed leadership of Tekoa?  They were hard to find.  Or worse, easy to find, but doing nothing.


Real leadership is not a title.  True nobility is not an accident of birth.  Both require being in the thick of what must be done, even at the risk of dirt or danger.


Are you one of the common folks?  Lead out in what you know needs doing.  Be the leader who builds the Kingdom.


Are you leadership in the Kingdom?  Put your back in it.  Prove your worthiness for the title.  Demonstrate the reason you hold the position.


Think:            Building God’s Kingdom requires everyone, especially leadership, to work.


Pray:              “Lord, let me lead out in building Your Kingdom.”



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Everyone Works


Everyone Works by Kirk Hunt


And next unto him repaired Shallum the son of Halohesh, the ruler of the half part of Jerusalem, he and his daughters. (Nehemiah 3:12 KJV)

Nehemiah 3:12 KJV

The task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem was a political, economic and even spiritual necessity.  The nation would continue to flounder, until the expensive, expansive and exhausting work was completed.  Under Nehemiah’s leadership, Israel took on this vital task.


Shallum, as an individual, shouldered repairing a section of the wall.  A resource hungry act, even for a wealthy ruler, Shallum looked for support.  Shallum’s daughters stepped forward and supported their father.


Did the daughters personally carry stone blocks and swing hammers?  Perhaps.  Scripture is silent on the exact nature of their support.  What is important is that in concert with their father, and the rest of the nation, they supported the important work of restoring Jerusalem.  Help is help, no matter what.


As a Christian, you are called to support God’s Kingdom.  If you can not do the actual, hands-on labor, then step up and give the support you can give.  Your part is needed.  Your part is important.


Others did bigger sections of the wall.  Still others completed the various gates and towers.  They all did their part in re-building Jerusalem.  What is your part in (re-)building a spiritual Jerusalem where you stand?


Think:            Building God’s Kingdom requires everyone to work.


Pray:              “Lord, I want to work on building Your Kingdom.”



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