God’s Back Pay

“God’s Back Pay” by Kirk Hunt


And Joseph called the name of the firstborn Manasseh: For God, said he, hath made me forget all my toil, and all my father’s house.

Genesis 41:51 KJV


The birth of a son is normally cause for celebration and joy. Like any first-time father, I’m certain Joseph whooped with joy and pride. Still, the memories of the last 13 years brought some gravity to Joseph’s heart and mind.


“God has caused me to forget.” First, betrayal by his brothers. Then, years of slavery. Finally, false accusation and years of unjust imprisonment. In the glow of his back-pay, Joseph forgot about the prior years.


Perhaps you have been laboring long, hard and without just wages. God has been watching over you the entire time. Recording the hours. Banking your pay.


To others, it will seem you are an over-night sensation. It doesn’t matter how it looks to them. You know that God is simply delivering your back pay.


Just when they thought you were dead, God will deliver your best life yet. Even though you thought you were forgotten and cast aside, God will set you out front and in charge. No one delivers back-pay like God.


Stay faithful. Work to build His Kingdom. Trust that God has your back-pay. At the right time, in the correct place, God will make you forget all that happened before. In joy. With delight. Through blessing.


Think : God rewards the faithful.


Pray: “Lord, I thank You, in advance, for Your Kingdom blessings.”



Copyright © April 2010, Kirk Hunt

The Prince Gets A Princess

“The Prince Gets A Princess” by Kirk Hunt


And Pharaoh called Joseph’s name Zaphnathpaaneah; and he gave him to wife Asenath the daughter of Potipherah priest of On. And Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.

Genesis 41:45 KJV


There is a saying, “God does not always call the equipped, but He always equips the called.” To fulfill his purpose in God’s plan, Joseph needed to look, sound and live like a high-born Egyptian. Against expectation, Joseph’s years as a slave, then a convict, equipped him to serve as Pharaoh’s Chief Executive.


Perhaps you feel you have been denied the good things of life. Maybe you feel that the positive outcomes have been kept from you. God has a royal blessing in store for you.


Probably not a literal royal bride (or groom) but an excellent place in purpose. With an extraordinary space for blessing. God will inflict His best on you, as if from ambush.


His blessing will catch up to you. No matter where, or how far, you have traveled. The right time and place is where God says it is.


As prince Joseph entered his palace, God arranged for everything. Even a princess. As you enter your purpose in God’s Kingdom, God will arrange for everything.


Think : God equips His servants for their call.


Pray: “Lord, equip me for Your purpose, in Your Kingdom.”



Copyright © April 2010, Kirk Hunt

The Prisoner Becomes A Prince

“The Prisoner Becomes A Prince” by Kirk Hunt


And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, Forasmuch as God hath shewed thee all this, there is none so discreet and wise as thou art: Thou shalt be over my house, and according unto thy word shall all my people be ruled: only in the throne will I be greater than thou.

Genesis 41:39-40 KJV

(Read also Genesis 40:20 through 41:44)


Joseph, despite years in prison, spoke revelation and wisdom. He explained Pharaoh’s dream. He suggested a course of actions. Then he waited.


Maybe Joseph hoped for a pardon. It’s possible he thought he might get a new job as a slave-steward to the new Grain Administrator. Of course, you and I know Joseph had been set-up.


The forgotten man became a foremost minister. He traded his (orange) prison garb for royal robes. The prisoner became a prince in a single hour.


Only God can so suddenly change prisoners into princes. Only the King of the universe can so completely and rapidly reverse the situation of a man. Only God knows the set up he has in store for you.


You thought your unseen hours and unrewarded labors were for nothing? You thought you had been thrown away and forgotten? God has made plans concerning you and His angels are working that plan with care and precision.


You have been set up. All that remains is the pay off. What God promises, God delivers. With interest.


Think : God has set me up, and I am glad.


Pray: “Lord, help me live out Your set up with grace and joy.”



Copyright © April 2010, Kirk Hunt

Ramp Yourself Up

“Ramp Yourself Up” by Kirk Hunt


Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15 KJV


Be skeptical of the press releases. Discount the glowing documentaries. Ignore at least half the criticisms. They worked hard for their success.


Every accomplished man or woman has a story of long hours of practice and study. Even the gifted and talented labor hard for their successes. Any one, who achieves any thing, leaves tears, sweat and even blood on the training floor.


I encourage you to ramp yourself up. His call on your life requires it. His Word promises you can do it.


Paul directed Timothy to improve his knowledge of Scripture. An accomplished pastor and teacher, Timothy already knew Scripture well. Still, Paul encouraged his protege to study himself up to the next level.


God has a high and mighty calling for your life. Perhaps you’re already living out that calling. To be what God wants you to be, you need to study Scripture as never before.


God calls you to become the best. Being first class requires hard work and long hours. Still, who wants to be second rate?


Think : God has called me to be the best, even though I have to work hard for it.


Pray: “Lord, help me enable and equip myself to build Your Kingdom.”



Copyright © April 2010, Kirk Hunt

The Other Smart Ones


“The Other Smart Ones” by Kirk Hunt

And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

2 Timothy 2:2 KJV

Prayerfully, when you walk into the room, the average IQ goes up. Scripture is full of references to men and women of intelligence, wit and wisdom. In fact, there are instructions, in Scripture, on how to become smarter and wiser.

Clearly, God wants His people to be among the best and the brightest. Scripture is also very clear. Being among the smart ones doesn’t mean you are the only smart one.

Smarts is also different from integrity or faithfulness. Judas is traditionally the best educated of the Disciples. Solomon ended as an idolater.

Never assume you’re the only smart one in the room. Always assume that God has another clever and faithful soul near by. Reach out to the other smart saints in the room.

Somewhere, near by, are men and women who can help you expand God’s Kingdom. Ask graciously. Equip generously.

You aren’t the only smart saint in the room. Reach out. Then, reach up. Thank God, you aren’t the only smart one in the room.

Think: There are other saints capable of building the Kingdom.

Pray: “Lord, help me enable and equip others to build Your Kingdom.”

Copyright © March 2010, Kirk Hunt

Soldiers In The Real World


“Soldiers In The Real World” by Kirk Hunt

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9 KJV

The battle rages around us every day. Corruption infests a little deeper. Compromise becomes more blatant. Sin gets bolder. I’m sure you noticed.

The place of battle is where you stand: Front office or workshop, building site or sales counter, schoolhouse or jailhouse. You are deployed by divine purpose and heavenly intent. His Hands have placed you there to get the job done.

No matter how you came to be where you are, or why you stay, you are to stand and deliver. Stand as a light of right and hope in the darkness. Deliver the Gospel of Christ to a world that desperately needs Him.

Each day, the darkness encroaches on more of the world. Each day, more souls perish without knowing Him. Won’t you take your place on the battle lines?

The time for battle is now. The soldier is you. Your weapons are spiritual, not natural.

Jehovah-Shammah, the Lord is Present, stands with His soldiers. Those who go in His Name are never alone or without His Power. Will you be the one to deliver God’s Salvation?

Think: I have been placed here and now for God’s Purpose.

Pray: “Lord, help me to carry out Your mission in Your way.”

Copyright © March 2010, Kirk Hunt

The Torn Veil


The Torn Veil by Kirk Hunt

And Jesus cried with a loud voice, and gave up the ghost.   And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom.

Mark 15:37-38 KJV

In my heart and spirit I walk through the Temple. At the threshold to the Holy of Holies I pause. Only the High Priest should pass the Veil.

Once a year the High Priest would pass the Veil and offer a sacrifice for the nation. And he would do so, trembling. A sinful heart before the Mercy Seat would bring God’s judgment, not forgiveness.

The Veil, the barrier between sinful men and Holy God, has been torn. The ragged tear is evidence of Jesus’ sacrifice. He has made access to God free and clear.

I come before the Mercy Seat, trembling. Because Jesus’ Blood is on the Mercy Seat, I am free to stand before the Throne. I am grateful for the privilege to approach God freely. I am joyous that access to His Presence is not only open, but encouraged. I am humbled by the sacrifice that allows me this unequaled freedom.

In His Presence I am free. Free to talk, face-to-Shekinah, with God. I worship my Holy God. I commune with my Heavenly Father. I reach out and touch Him, knowing that with the Veil torn, His response is love, not judgment.

Think: I have access to God’s Throne.

Pray: “Lord, I thank You for free access to Your Throne and Presence.”

Copyright © February 2010, Kirk Hunt

Despite The Circumstances


“Despite The Circumstances” by Kirk Hunt

Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die. But he said unto her, Thou speakest as one of the foolish women speaketh. What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil? In all this did not Job sin with his lips. (Job 2:9-10 KJV)

Job 2:9-10 KJV

Mr. and Mrs. Job sat in the middle of devastation and loss. A lifetime of carefully accumulated wealth disappeared in the space of a morning. The precious lives of their 10 children had been just as unceremoniously cut short. Job, himself, lay miserable and hurting with disease.

You would think there would be at least a little bitterness. The facts point to betrayal by God Himself. Job ignores that false conclusion.

Job chooses to trust God. During the good. Despite the bad. He knew that no matter the circumstances, God’s love is good and constant.

Hurting with pain, and living through extraordinary loss, Job held the line. He refused to believe that God had abandoned him. He dismissed the story told by the facts and figures.

Perhaps you are hurting during a season of loss and devastation. Ignore the statistics. Trust in God’s faithfulness and grace.

No matter how dark and hopeless it looks, God is there. He didn’t turn from you then. He will not turn from you now. There might be chaos and noise today, but there will be peace and calm in your (near) future.

Think: When everything is disrupted, God’s grace remains.

Pray: “Lord, I choose to trust you, no matter what.”

Copyright © February 2010, Kirk Hunt

Last Man Standing


“Last Man Standing” by Kirk Hunt

And after him was Shammah the son of Agee the Hararite. And the Philistines were gathered together into a troop, where was a piece of ground full of lentiles: and the people fled from the Philistines. But he stood in the midst of the ground, and defended it, and slew the Philistines: and the LORD wrought a great victory.

2 Samuel 23:11-12 KJV

Shammah is named in Scripture as one of David’s three mighty men. Frankly, the accomplishments of Adino (v. 8 ) and Eleazar (v. 9) seem more impressive on the first reading. Still, of the three, Shammah holds my heart and mind.

While everyone else was running in fear, Shammah stood in courage. Shammah stood and delivered alone and outnumbered. Most of all, he made his great defense in a field of lentils.

Christian men and women too often make light of their own lives and labors for the Kingdom. What we do for God is important. Even if it all were doing is defending a field of beans.

Why was that specific patch of lentils important? Scripture doesn’t say. All we know is that Shammah did what others would not even try. All we are told is that God used Shammah to create a great victory.

God has a great purpose and plan for you. If God asked you to do it, it must be important. Bring enough lentils with you to make dinner.

Think: Am I prepared to be the last man or woman standing for God?

Pray: “Lord, Help me do Your Will, no matter how small it seems to me..”

Copyright © December 2009, Kirk Hunt

A Love Story


“A Love Story” by Kirk Hunt

Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

1 John 4:10 KJV

Scripture can (easily) be seen as an epic love story. The suitor is God Himself. From the beginning, He has sought to win the hearts of His intended.

We are His intended. Any man or woman who lives on this side of Glory is the target of God’s unending love and desire. To prove Himself, Jesus came and made it possible for us to receive eternal life.

To give us forever, He surrendered His own Glory. Perfection became a helpless baby. The manger is just as much a symbol of sacrifice and love as the Cross. You are at the center of a story of powerful devotion and relentless desire. God has spared no effort to deliver His love to you. How will you respond?

See the manger for what it is: A symbol of God’s unquenchable desire and affection for you. He longs for a loving relationship with you. Still, He is a true lover. He desires that we love Him in a sincere and true exchange of affections.

His Arms are open wide. He has paid every price for your freedom and liberty. What do you say? How will this love story end for you?

Think: How do I respond to God’s love for me?

Pray: “Lord, I thank You for Your love for me.”

Copyright © December 2009, Kirk Hunt

Provoke Each Other


“Provoke Each Other” by Kirk Hunt

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

Hebrews 10:24 KJV

Given the opportunity to name a topic for one of these devotionals, my Gospel brother became gleeful. When he finally names a specific topic, it is supposed to be a challenge. A spur to good and Godly work.

Practitioners and experts are the most difficult audience. They appreciate the great displays of expertise, but they see the little slips of imperfection. They share your goals and aspirations, but they also know the craft you are trying to perfect.

Why should I bother with his challenge? Because he’s going to provoke me. To delve further into Scripture. Knowing his heart and expertise in the things of God, I’ll have to labor just a little better.

Ultimately, his challenge is for me to be more like Jesus. Knowing my friend, I can’t half-step. I will have to bring my best.

It is a kind of sibling rivalry. Thankfully, our heavenly Father has an infinite store of love and blessing for all of His children. No one loses the race for Godliness.

Who is challenging you? Who pushes you just a little further into the Arms of Jesus? What does an answer of “no one” say about you?

Think: My brothers and sisters help me get better in Jesus.

Pray: “Lord, help me embrace the men and women who will provoke me toward You.”

Copyright © November 2009, Kirk Hunt

David’s Second Anointing


“David’s Second Anointing” by Kirk Hunt

Then And the men of Judah came, and there they anointed David king over the house of Judah. And they told David, saying, That the men of Jabeshgilead were they that buried Saul.

1 Samuel 2:4 KJV

David’s second anointing came during a time of personal sorrow and national disunity. The men of Judah officially recognized David as their king. Benjamin, David’s own tribe, did not. All of the rest of Israel? Absent.

Still mourning the death of Saul and Jonathan, David took on the weight of his kingship. With tact, compassion and diplomacy, David sought to consolidate all of Israel under a single government. No small task.

The private anointing at 1 Samuel 16: 12-13 was necessary for David’s development. This second anointing publicly confirmed David as king. This anointing carries David from learner to leader.

Anointing is not a static, once-and-forever event in your life. As God moves you through His path and process, things change. You change. Your anointing changes.

As king, David’s sphere changes. No longer a mercenary captain, he becomes a regal king. He stops working with the few and begins working with the many. And this change is not David’s full story.

If you are one of God’s anointed, your story is not over. This season in your life is orchestrated by God. Your next season will be arranged by God as well. Your second anointing is another beginning, not an end.

Think: As I move through God’s plan, my anointing will change.

Pray: “Lord, help me to fulfill Your call and anointing in my life.”

Copyright © October 2009, Kirk Hunt