Excluded From Miracles


“Excluded From Miracles” by Kirk Hunt

But when the people were put forth, he went in, and took her by the hand, and the maid arose.

Matthew 9:25 KJV

Most of Jesus’ miracles were committed in public. The miracles served as His credentials that His Word came from God. Certainly, excluding witnesses was unusual.

Whether with gracious ushering, or with gruff insistence, the “mourners” found themselves outside. The other Gospel accounts (Mark 5:22-42 and Luke 8:41-56) emphasize the limited audience for Jesus’ raising of the girl. The miracle became famous, after the fact.

Scorn and disbelief are the enemies of Real Faith. Faith are the acts you commit, in anticipation of what you do not see. Faith and disbelief cannot coexist in harmony.

Jesus’ told Jairus, multiple times, to believe. He did not rebuke his fear and grief. Faith is not the absence of hurt or concern, but is the presence of hope in God.

You can cling to faith, despite your circumstances. It is easy to understand a grieving father’s fears and doubts. I doubt your situation is easy or without issue. Regardless, you must put out your disbelief before your faith can work.

There’s a famous miracle in your future. If you’re willing to put out your disbelief. There’s the door of your heart. Who’s leaving?

Think: Disbelief and faith cannot coexist in your heart. One of them must leave.

Pray: “Lord, help my belief and faith in what You will do in my life.”

Copyright © March 2010, Kirk Hunt

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